Celebrating the spring equinox

Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you've got a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, babies- “God damn it, you've got to be kind.”

~ Kurt Vonnegut

Hello Loves,

Welcome to spring in the northern hemisphere! This newsletter is looking a lot like the quote it started with 😂

Tomorrow, March 20, marks the spring equinox, also called the vernal equinox, one of two days in the year when light and darkness are in perfect balance. Starting tomorrow, the days will be longer than the nights.

Can you feel the earth’s energy re-emerging?  Here on the farm, I definitely notice more life everywhere I look. There are buds on the trees, birds in the sky, and plant babies emerging in the seed trays currently taking over my attic/grow room.

My chickens started laying again. Soft, cool, fertile earth (aka mud) is everywhere.


It’s officially time to shake off the sleepiness of winter and lean into the light and warmth of the returning sun!

So, today, or sometime in the next few days, I hope you take a moment to honor the changing seasons. The heat and intensity of summer will be upon us in no time!

How to honor the spring equinox

For those who celebrate the Christian holiday of Easter, have you ever wondered what chocolate bunnies and colored eggs have to do with Jesus rising from the dead?

The answer is nothing.

Modern Easter traditions, especially those involving hares and eggs, originate from ancient pagan celebrations of Ostara, or Eostre, the goddess of spring and dawn, which occurred on the equinox.

Spring is the season of growth, fertility, and new beginnings. Eggs, seeds, lush green grass, and early flowers all encompass this magical time.

Here are some ideas on how you can lean into spring. I have been/will be doing most of these myself!

Get gardening

Buy seeds and flower bulbs. Plant them. If you live in a climate that’s still cold (like Maine), start the seeds indoors and transplant them when the soil outside is warm enough. For more info about the right time to seed and plant where you live, consult The Farmer’s Almanac.

Eat your greens

I don’t advocate diets, detoxes, or cleanses. With that said, spring is a great time to add more roughage and young, tender greens to your dishes. Personally, I’m ready to get back to my daily green smoothie routine after a long winter of oatmeal breakfasts (no hate for the mighty oatmeal- just ready for a change!)

Asparagus is one of the first veggies to emerge in spring, so load up on these tasty green shoots before the season ends.

Commune with nature

Watch the sun rise and set. Notice how its arc across the sky has changed from the short days of winter. Look for spring flowers (crocus, daffodil, etc.), worms in the soil, and birds building nests. Even the scents of spring are different.

Spring clean your house

Declutter. Donate, toss out, or sell what you don’t love. I highly recommend ThredUp for reselling gently used clothes.

Wash your windows to let in the light. I like to mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio in a spray bottle and add a few drops of citrus essential oil like lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Open some windows, even just a crack, to let in the fresh air.

Sweep away the dust and grime. I do this every morning. Sweeping the floor is like a moving meditation. I envision cleansing my home of stagnant or negative energy. It’s a powerful practice I can’t begin my day without. 

A wise woman once said, there’s a reason witches have brooms.

Make an altar

I have at least one altar set up in my home at all times, but I’m going to refresh it with spring flowers, herbs, and symbols. An altar should reflect your personal tastes and preferences. So, no pressure to include pastel colors if that’s not your palette of choice. 

For more ideas for the spring equinox/Ostara, the Instagram account @WitchyTips has lots of easily digestible info. I can’t link it bc ig be trippin’ rn.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now.


I want to thank everyone who read my last post and shared their thoughts. Publishing that piece was a big step for me. The positive feedback you provided helped calm my nerves about sharing something I always felt like I had to hide.

I especially appreciate the response of a strong, compassionate, and brilliant young woman who told me she wished people would stop using the term “commit suicide.” I agree. The words we use to describe something say a lot about our feelings toward it.

Just as I choose to use phrases like mental health issues and mental health conditions instead of mental illnesses, I’m going to make sure to remove committing suicide from my vocabulary. It makes suicide sound criminal instead of what it is… a serious symptom of an underlying problem.

For a long time, I felt shame about my history of mental health issues. Carefully choosing my words has been an important part of learning to love and accept that part of my story.

Let’s change the way we talk about mental health, please.

On a lighter note, here’s…

Lauren Loves

March 18 marked one year since I closed on our home! Since then, I’ve been mustering all my magic trying to manifest a tractor. Well, Thursday morning Jason and I welcomed two beautiful green babies to our farm:

I’m so excited to honor spring with my new toys!

Please reply to this email or leave a comment below to share what you’re doing to honor the equinox, to correct any mistakes I made, or to let me know how you are. I loooooove hearing from you!

Until next time, I hope you’re days are bright and beautiful!

Much Love,