Earth Day Greetings

in what ways do you honor and protect the only planet we have?

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

– Confucius

Happy Earth Day and Taurus season, my lovely friends!

Between the news of a much-deserved murder conviction for George Floyd’s killer, a less-than-anticipated-but-still-awesome Dogecoin spike, and preparing to visit family in another state for the first time in almost a year, I’m having a pretty exciting week!

I also entered a writing contest for the first time with this story of how I adopted Bruce. Click and read through to see the only photo I have of Bruce as a pupper!

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This week we also celebrate Earth Day and the sun moving into Taurus, an earth sign. The two events got me thinking about how the key to saving our planet — because, let’s face it, we have to step up our game — doesn’t lie in something you can accomplish in one day.

We all need to implement tiny changes in our everyday lives. Small but consistent steps that will lead to a cleaner future.

One of the things I’ve been doing this year involves cutting down on plastic whenever I can. After living in California for most of the last decade, I became accustomed to sipping cold brews from a mushy compostable straw and ALWAYS bringing my own reusable shopping bag.

But I still bought items that came in plastic packaging, which I’d toss in with my recycling. Then, I began learning about how completely misinformed I was about recycling plastic.

Less than 9% of plastic actually gets recycled; the rest ends up in landfills and the ocean. Pretty soon, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish.

For more on this, I highly recommend watching this Last Week Tonight with John Oliver video on plastics. I couldn’t embed it directly because of an age restriction, but the link will take you to YouTube.

Whenever possible, I buy food and beverages in glass or aluminum containers instead of plastic. I’m eyeing this Sodastream with a glass carafe to cut down on packaging in general. Fizzy water is life.

Remember, Recycle is only one of the three Rs. Reducing and Reusing are both waaaaay more effective.

Growing your own food, even if it’s just a potted tomato plant or a kitchen herb starter kit, is an excellent way to nurture your body and your planet — total Taurus szn vibes.

If you’re new to growing food, I recommend checking out this helpful video on DIY microgreens my friends at Cumin Nature posted to their IG page months ago:

Substack won’t let me embed an Instagram video post. To watch it, you have to click on the @cuminnatureblog link at the bottom of the image and scroll down until you see this video. I’m sorry. I work with what I got here.

Bonus points to the Cumin Nature team for reusing a plastic container to grow their microgreens!

Of course, if you have any other questions about gardening or growing food, I’d love to answer them! Just reply to this email or leave a comment.

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I also want to hear about your Earth Day plans. What steps are you taking to protect our planet today, tomorrow, and every other day?

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That’s all for now, friends. Much love and many blessings.