Prepare for cuteness overload

and a miraculous Easter to you!

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person

~ Bill Murray

Happy Easter, Hunny Bunnies!

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, Ostara, or none of the above, I hope you’re sharing good food and company with people you love, even if it’s virtual.

I remember this time last year, Jason and I were on day 3 of no power after a heavy, wet snowstorm caused a branch to take down our power line. As the only customer on that line, we were very low on the power company’s list of >100,000 that needed restoration.

Even so, I prayed for an Easter miracle.

I thought, for sure, on the third day, the Light would return. That’s how it’s written, eh?

But, no. Our Easter story of 2020 ended in a candlelight vigil.

This year, not only do we have power and chocolate bunnies, but I just walked out of my chicken coop with half a dozen eggs, exclaiming, “It’s an Easter miracle!”

Our broody black hen had been hiding a whole clutch, waiting for an Easter egg hunt.

It reminded me of this beautiful Easter video narrated by one of my all-time favorite performing artists, Maynard James Keenan-

Check it out! This video presents a lot of the topics I covered in my last post about the spring equinox through Maynard’s gloriously subdued poetic intensity. I fuckin love it!

In other big news, April 2 marked my 5-year adoptaversary/gotcha day with Bruce! I could write volumes on the ways this curious, energetic, and highly intelligent hound has changed my life. He’s helped me become a more responsible, patient, loving — and even social — human.

But instead, I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite photos of Bruce from the past five years. Prepare yourself for a strong dose of adorable.

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Lots of Love!