Who'll run the world?

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We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all.

― Dr. Vandana Shiva

I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone out there raising the daughters who will save the world, the sons who will be their greatest supporters, and the non-binary kids who can do either/both.

Speaking of female leadership, I also want to take this opportunity to share a couple of exciting updates.

New tarot page

First of all, I fiiiiinally added a tarot reading page to my website! Please check it out and tell all your friends!

Check out my tarot page

Also, I think the page would look great with a testimonial or three. If I’ve given you a tarot reading over the past year, and you want to write a quick line or two about how awesome it was, please let me know by replying to this email!

The Vortex is OPEN

The other juicy tidbit is that The Vortex opens to new members today, Thursday, August 19!

The Vortex is a membership community I’ve been part of for the last two years. It’s like a Netflix of high-vibe content curated by Gala Darling (who I’ve talked about before in posts about radical self-love and EFT tapping). 

I started following Gala in 2016 when I was depressed, broke, and living out of a cab-over camper. Working with her has helped me uplevel my life in major ways, from landing my dream homestead (and tractor) to establishing a writing career that supports me and loving and appreciating my body (which is way more work than buying a home, btw!)

In addition to Gala’s own delightful zest for self-love and personal development, The Vortex delivers member-only content from leaders in the field like:

Brad Yates

Colin Bedell

Terri Cole

The Vortex has introduced me to my absolute favorite new person, Lux ATL, aka the pole dancer with a Ph.D. Lux’s Stripcraft lessons have taught me how to move my body for the sake of feeling good and having fun rather than pushing toward some goal. PLUS, she delivers radical feminist messages with the most endearing southern drawl.

There’s also feng shui, business advice from Gala’s dad, and a whole community of supportive, creative babes that exists outside of Facebook Groups! I think many of you would really enjoy The Vortex and the doors only stay open for a short time.

Enter The Vortex

You can sign up NOW until Sunday. After that, you’ll have to wait a whole year, and that would be sad. I almost didn’t renew my Vortex membership last year, but I’m SO GLAD I did because last year was even better than the one before, and I have no doubt this next iteration will top it!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can sign up here (by using my affiliate link, you’re supporting my work and this newsletter at no extra cost to you!)

I’m happy to share more about my experience and answer your questions via email, text, etc. But if you feel called to learn more, that’s probably a sign this is right for you.

Lauren Loves

Keeping with the theme of sharing lady love, I’m going to leave you with this hilarious video featuring some of my favorite comedians talking about why being a woman is exhausting:

Thank you for reading! Please stay safe, take care of yourselves, and get vaccinated!